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The Ugly Side of Fashion

Claire Sulmers shares her struggle story.

Contribution & Determination

Thelma Golden and Claire Sulmers share some advice.

A Creation Miracle

Birth doula Latham Thomas shares her own birthing story.

Creation & Freedom

Latham Thomas and Valeisha Jones share a few words.

Going With the Flow

Valeisha Butterfield Jones on fluidity in success.

Worthy of Love

Hydeia Broadbent on dating with AIDS.

A Little Faith

Leah Daughtry’s job search helped her find God.

Inpi[HER]: Thelma Golden

We all can make a difference…”


Teej Mercer's ROUND

Teej Mercer: “30 Seconds Stood Between Me And Death"

The Round

Ten women, from different walks of life deliver a dynamic...