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Going With the Flow

Valeisha Butterfield Jones on fluidity in success.

Self Love and Meditation

Leah Daughtry and Hydeia Broadbent share a few words.

A Little Faith

Leah Daughtry’s job search helped her find God.

Worthy of Love

Hydeia Broadbent on dating with AIDS.

The Art of Now

Thelma Golden on the importance of representation.

The Ugly Side of Fashion

Claire Sulmers shares her struggle story.

Contribution & Determination

Thelma Golden and Claire Sulmers share some advice.

A Creation Miracle

Birth doula Latham Thomas shares her own birthing story.


Teej Mercer's ROUND

Teej Mercer: “30 Seconds Stood Between Me And Death"

The Round

Ten women, from different walks of life deliver a dynamic...