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Relationships in Business

Carla on how “doing a good job” will only work for so long.

Authenticity and Compassion

Carla Harris and Patrice Washington share a few words.

The Truth About Success

Patrice on how “dreaming big and hustling” ain’t enough.

Courage & Self-Love

Lisa Price and Chika Okoro share a few words.

A Black Woman’s Beauty

Chika Okoro on the inner struggle with her image.

Facing Fear For Success

Carol’s Daughter founder Lisa Price shares her story.

Nadira Hira and Geneva...

Sandra Bland's mother, Geneva Ree-Veal, shares her story.

The Power of Totems

Nadira Hira on why everyone should have one.


Teej Mercer's ROUND

Teej Mercer: “30 Seconds Stood Between Me And Death"

Speak On It!

Black Women Empower On Centric's New Series 'The Round'

The Round

Ten women, from different walks of life deliver a dynamic...