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A Black Woman’s Beauty

Chika Okoro on the inner struggle with her image.

Courage & Self-Love

Lisa Price and Chika Okoro share a few words.

Facing Fear For Success

Carol’s Daughter founder Lisa Price shares her story.

Nadira Hira and Geneva...

Sandra Bland's mother, Geneva Ree-Veal, shares her story.

Hold Onto Your Joy

Geneva and Nadira share a few words offstage.

The Power of Totems

Nadira Hira on why everyone should have one.

A Willingness to Acccept

Geneva Reed-Veal on finding herself after loss.

‘The Round’ Returns

They're here to inspire, empower and share their stories.


Teej Mercer's ROUND

Teej Mercer: “30 Seconds Stood Between Me And Death"

Speak On It!

Black Women Empower On Centric's New Series 'The Round'

The Round

Ten women, from different walks of life deliver a dynamic...