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The First ‘Queen Boss’

Nailah Ellis-Brown wins the season 1 crown!

Communication Is Key

Tanika fumbles in her sales pitch to an investor.

Rain or Shine

Nailah delivers her sales pitch in tricky conditions.

The Final Four

The judges deliver their notes on the challenge.

The Harlem Hustle

The ladies take their products to the streets.

No Room for Egos

The judges address the issues of the challenge.

A ‘Queen Boss...

Can these potential Queen Bosses work well together?

A Second Chance

Tanika Aristilde gets another shot to deliver her pitch.


Boss Move

Tracey Edmonds Hosts Business Competition For Black Women

Queen Boss: Meet the Judges

Meet the Judges of Centric's New Competition 'Queen Boss'

Queen Boss

Only One woman can be "Queen Boss!"