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Raising Hell

Disagreements about the fundraiser cause trouble.

An Honest Truce

Kim and Stacii Jae agree to work together.

Girl, You Messy

Chanita’s comments make tensions rise.

Breaking The Ice

The ladies impersonate one another.

Talking Through the Pain

Sara reveals more about her past to a therapist.

Sticking Up for Maia

Chrystale gives Stacii and Chanita a piece of her mind.

Let It Go

Maia shares how she’s really feeling with the ladies.

Things Go South

A confrontational conversation gets ugly, quick.


The Ladies Return!

The season 2 cast of 'From The Bottom Up'.

A New Story

Maia Campbell Joins 'From The Bottom Up' Cast In Season 2

#CentricPoll: Who’s your favorite FTBU cast member?

You’ve heard their stories and seen them in action, now...