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The ladies of ‘The S.H.I.T.’ reflect on the tragic event in Florida and break down the nonsense of religion-based hate

‘Love & Hip Hop’ diva Cardi B and the ladies of The Suga Honey Iced Tea discuss reality TV’s leading ladies and why these bawse women are #RealityRoyalty!

The Ladies of #TheSHIT pay tribute to Michelle Obama, the baddest and greatest First Lady to ever grace the white house. Sorry Jackie O.

Real talk, how did the realest co-host on the ‘The Real’ get the boot? The ladies of The S.H.I.T. break down the alleged conspiracies and share their post-Tamar predictions for the talk show!

The ladies of The Suga Honey Iced Tea expose some “alleged” celebrity love drama and get into the juicy details on the best, worst and most recent twitter beefs...we’re looking at you Azealia Banks.

Who’s running the world? The BeyHive, the Navy, Team Breezy or the C-Squad? The ladies of The Suga Honey Iced Tea get real about stans.