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"It's important to know your rights..." Yuna gets real and drops some gems in 60 seconds.

“I was somewhere in the witness protection program from Bad Boy…” The Grammy-nominated R&B artist shares some interesting facts in the hot seat.

“…the best thing that ever happened to me…” The R&B star defines #BlackGirlMagic, shares his guilty pleasure, talks music and more in 60 seconds!

“I’ve never had love at first sight…” The Grammy Award-winning R&B artist shares her thoughts on life, love and music in 60 seconds!

“People just assume Imma pay for their food…” The 2016 Centric Certified Award winner talks Black women, pet peeves, music and more!

“…I was dating one of my costars on the ‘The Game’…” The Insecure star spills the tea on rumors, his lack of swag, and more!