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“When we fail, we learn.” Carol’s Daughter founder Lisa Price discusses how the fear of failure can keep us from learning some of the most valuable lessons in our lives.

“I want to be better than ‘strong’…” The award-winning journalist Nadira Hira explains why the words we choose to uplift each other make such a huge diference.

“Be smart during your youth…” The ladies of soul drop some jewels for young women trying to make the most of their life.

“Have a plan and go for it…” The music artist encourages girls to start every day with a purpose in mind.

“Success doesn’t happen by accident…” The ‘Married to Medicine’ star explains that success happens when you will it.

“I’m in the light because I love me…” The model has a few words of encouragement for those who are finding it hard to love who they really are.