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‘Black to Life’ host Giselle Gant takes it to streets of South Beach, FL to find out what the melanin-challenged folks REALLY know about Black TV.

We did it in New York City, Now we’re taking it to the West Coast to see how much “wypipo” in Vegas know about black music.

The one and only Giselle Gant travels to Las Vegas to see what the melanin-challenged folks of Sin City know about Black hair.

Hot sauce on the greens or nah? Host Giselle Gant takes it to the streets of NYC to see what White people know about how Black people get down for the holidays

‘Black2 Life’ host Giselle Gant goes on the Las Vegas strip to ask White folks some trivial questions about this year’s biggest celebration of Soul!

‘Black To Life’ host Giselle Gant asks the melanin challenged folks of Las Vegas some trivial questions about the history of ‘Soul Train’.