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Hot sauce on the greens or nah? Host Giselle Gant takes it to the streets of NYC to see what White people know about how Black people get down for the holidays

‘Black2 Life’ host Giselle Gant goes on the Las Vegas strip to ask White folks some trivial questions about this year’s biggest celebration of Soul!

‘Black To Life’ host Giselle Gant asks the melanin challenged folks of Las Vegas some trivial questions about the history of ‘Soul Train’.

From Taylor Swift to Apple Pie, Centric’s Giselle Gant goes out into the streets to test Black folks on their knowledge of White culture.

Everyone wants the “old” BET back. But how much do WE really know about BET. Host Giselle is taking it to Los Angeles in this special “Darkening Round” edition with special guest Dominique Zonyee (who lives in L.A!)

Centric goes out into the streets of New York City to see who’s “trill” about their knowledge of popular Black slang.