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The Sad Truth

Sara learns the heartbreaking news about her father.

No Shade, Just Facts

Stacii Jae doesn’t like how Chanita is handling event promo.

Go Big or Go Home

Chanita loses her cool over mishaps at the venue.

Where Is Maia?

Chrystale reaches out to someone who might know.

Judgement-Free Zone

Chanita and Sara have a heart-to-heart talk.

Pink Poles

Sara invites the ladies to a seductive dance class.

Buyers and Sellers

A fundraiser talk over breakfast goes sour.

Wedding Bells in Paradise

One of the ladies gets married, but who?


Sour Note

Omarion Sued, Accused Of Stealing Music From Chris Brown

No Time For B.S.

Jhené Aiko Has No Time For "B's & H's" On New Song

This Is The Remix!

Lil Kim Drops "That Bitch" Remix