The Round
Teej Mercer, The Round
Jodie Patterson, The Round
Tamika D. Mallory, The Round
Angela Rye, The Round
Kimberly Blackwell, The Round
Bershan Shaw, The Round
Tiffany Dufu, The Round
Sheryl Jones, The Round
Vashti McKenzie, The Round
Tricia Rose, The Round

Meet the Speakers

Black Women Lead The Discussion
Centric's new series The Round gives professional Black women a platform to speak on various topics ranging from domestic violence to racial inequality to personal branding to growing pains. Meet the 10 women who will bravely take the stage to share their personal knowledge and experiences for the purpose of helping others grow.
Media coach and author Teej Mercer bravely opens up about a topic that hits close to home for so many, domestic violence. Mercer recalls the events that led up to an almost fatal encounter with her husband.
Watch her talk "Resilience" on Saturday, August 20.
"Authentic Parenting"
Entrepreneur and beauty boss Jodie Patterson shares her experience with the confliting ideas of tradition and reality when it comes to gender, and how being the parent of a transgender boy opened her mind to experiencing gender differently. Watch her talk "Authentic Parenting" on Saturday, August 20.
Nationally recognized Civil Rights activist Tamika D. Mallory is passionate in her work against gun violence, especially after losing her son's father. Mallory sheds light on some of the statistics linked to violence that affect the Black community on a day-to-day basis. Watch her talk "Activism" on Saturday, August 27.
"Freedom Agenda"
CNN Political Commentator and NPR Political Analyst Angela Rye addresses the fight for freedom in The Round and speaks frankly about the necessary mindset and resources in order to combat oppression of the Black community. Watch her talk "Freedom Agenda" on Saturday, August 27.
"Personal Brand"
CEO of PMM Agency Kimberly Blackwell breaks down the different parts essential to building your personal brand and speaks about the importance pf knowing what your brand is, especially in this age of technology. Watch her talk "Personal Brand" on Saturday, September 3.
"Finding Your Truth"
Two-time breast cancer survivor and self-love and life coach Breshan Shaw recalls how a dark moment in her life shed light on the lies she was living and how that truth changed the way she now approaches her life. Watch her talk "Finding Your Truth" on Saturday, September 3.
"Drop The Ball"
Levo Chief Leadership Officer and author Tiffany Dufu gives a talk titled after her memoir, where she shares the amazingly positive consequence of an experiment where she purposely relinquished control of one small thing in her life. Watch her talk "Drop The Ball" on Saturday, September 10.
Jewelry designer Sheryl Jones is a well-known Black woman in the diamond industry. Jones shares a story about the earlier days of her business and how a client taught her a very valuable lesson that's helped her succeed.
Watch her talk "Perseverance" on Saturday, September 10.
"Personal Evolution"
The first female Bishop of the African Methodist Episcopal Church Vashti McKenzie explains how the difficulties she had with fitting in as a child helped her recognize the beauty of being different and led to her growth.
Watch her talk "Personal Evolution" on Saturday, September 17.
A professor of Africana Studies at Brown University, Tricia Rose argues that post-Civil Rights America is not a colorblind nation and outlines the ways in which segregation and racial oppression have found a way to seep into everyday life without the help of Jim Crow. Watch her talk "Equality" on Saturday, September, 17

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