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‘The Round’ Returns

They're here to inspire, empower and share their stories.

Authenticity and Compassion

Carla Harris and Patrice Washington share a few words.


Carla Harris

“Fear has no place in your success equation…”

Lisa Price

“When we fail, we learn.”

Nadira Hira

“I want to be better than ‘strong’…”

Season 2 Videos

The Truth About Success

Patrice on how “dreaming big and hustling” ain’t enough.

Authenticity and Compassion

Carla Harris and Patrice Washington share a few words.

Relationships in Business

Carla on how “doing a good job” will only work for so long.

A Black Woman’s Beauty

Chika Okoro on the inner struggle with her image.

Courage & Self-Love

Lisa Price and Chika Okoro share a few words.

Facing Fear For Success

Carol’s Daughter founder Lisa Price shares her story.

Nadira Hira and Geneva...

Sandra Bland's mother, Geneva Ree-Veal, shares her story.

Hold Onto Your Joy

Geneva and Nadira share a few words offstage.

Season 1 Videos

Dropping The Ball

“Something amazing happened: The world just kept going…”

Shine Bright Like A Diamond

Sheryl Jones speaks on perseverance.

Living In Truth

Bershan Shaw On “Finding Your Truth”

Defining Your Personal Brand

“Have a brand with your boss and a brand with bae…”

Gender Bending The Rules

“I started grappling with tradition vs. truth…”

Danger at Home

“No one knew that domestic violence was my reality…”

The Time Is Now!

“There is no freedom where there are no resources…”

Fighting For What’s Right

Tamika Mallory discusses activism.


You're Not Alone

5 places to seek help for domestic violence

Meet the Speakers

9 Black women take the stage to tell their true stories.


Is Rage Ever Okay?

Is Abuse The New Black? Rage Among Black Women

Suffering In Silence

Why Aren't Enough Black Women Talking About Postpartum?

Raising A Trans Son

When your daughter says she's actually a boy

The Art of Letting Go

When Your Ex Moves On, But You're Still Holding On

Dating & Relationships

Why It's Common For Women To Stay In Abusive Relationships

Beating Breast Cancer

'Tomorrow may not come. We may not have any second chances'

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Ten women, from different walks of life deliver a dynamic 8-minute talk that enables them to share a central thought-provoking idea, supported by their story, their work, and their insights.