9 Songs You Didn't Know Were Written By Babyface

Soul Train Awards | 10/21/2015 | 02:20 PM EDT

But, baby, you're gon' learn today!

This year's Soul Train Awards will present the Legend Award to R&B crooner, music producer and songwriting mastermind, Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds. The legend has gone to win over 10 Grammys thus far and has topped the billboard charts over 20 times!


But his excellence doesn't stop on stage; over the course of his musical career he's penned some of the greatest songs of all time (and some of our personal favorites) for artists from Beyonce to Whitney Houston to Madonna to P!nk!


Check out these 9 songs you probably didn't know you owed Babyface a "thank you" for and don't forget to tune in to the 2015 Soul Train Awards on Tuesday, November 29 at 8P/7C!


2016 Soul Train Award Winners


1. "Baby I" - Ariana Grande (2013)

When good loving's got you forgetting about everyone and everything that came before...

"Oh baby, see baby I been feelin' you // Before I even knew what feelings were about..."

2. "Best Thing I Never Had" - Beyonce (2011)

Babyface had us praying about our breakups like... "Thank God I found the good in goodbye..."

3. "Diggin' On You" - TLC (1994)

Babyface playfully reminds us that we've all let ourselves fall for a corny pick up line.

"I must admit to you //When I heard the lines you threw
Although it usually turns me off // But this time you have turned me on..."

4. "Humpin' Around" - Bobby Brown (1992)

That one love lesson we've all had to learn the hard way...

"When you know// That you're holdin' on too tight// Soon they will be leavin' without you..."

5. "Most Girls" - P!nk (2000)

Because successful, independent women need love too!

"Most Girls want a man with the mean green// Don't wanna dance if he can't be everything that I dream of// A man that understands real love..."

6. "Queen of The Night" - Whitney Houston (1992)

This is that jam that makes a good girl go bad, even if it's only for karaoke in the mirror.

"You've got a problem with the way that I am// They say I'm trouble and I don't give a damn//
But when I'm bad, I know I'm better..."

7. "Take A Bow" - Madonna (1994)

This heart-breaking hit about the final act of a one-sided love...all the feels.

"Make them laugh, it comes so easy// When you get to the part// Where you're breaking my heart// Hide behind your smile, all the world loves a clown..."

8. "We Belong Together" - Mariah Carey (2005)

Babyface knows how to slip in a self-reference in style.

"So I turn the dial// Trying to catch a break// And then I hear Babyface..."

9. "Whatever" - En Vogue (1997)

Because what's love if it doesn't make you a little crazy - right?

"I maybe a fool for you, baby, well, I can't help myself// Maybe I'm too in love, what else can I do but go crazy// For your love boy, I'd give anything..."

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