My Current Situation
Rachel RoRo Johnson, My Current Situation
Rachel RoRo Johnson, My Current Situation
Alexis Bell, My Current Situation
Alexis Bell, My Current Situation
Delena Adams, My Current Situation
Delenia Adams, Matthew King, My Current Situation

Cast of 'My Current Situation'

Real Women, Real Struggles
Three brave women - Rachael "RoRo" Johnson, Alexis Bell and Delenia Adams - kick off Centric's new six-part docu-series My Current Situation later this month. Learn more about these three very different women and their unique, but relatable struggles.
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Meet Rachael "RoRo" Johnson
The 28 year-old model and actress' instagram will give you life with endless photos worthy of the #WCW, #MelaninMonday and #Flawless hashtags, but there's a secret about her looks that Rachel's been hiding from everyone in her life, including her boyfriend.
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Underneath It All...
Rachael Johnson struggles with the way she looks, because when the makeup comes off, it reveals the source of much pain - scars, blemishes and imperfections that were once behind the bullying she endured as a child. Now Rachael's embarking on a journey of self-love, revelation and healing, so she can face the woman in the mirror with pride.
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Meet Alexis Bell
A resilient 29 year old artist who left an unfaithful relationship, her two children and her plush Cali life to pursue her musical career in Atlanta. Despite her deal with Empire Records and a new love interest, Alexis' life is far from perfect, because no one really knows about her current situation.
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No Money, More Problems
Currently her record deal is providing no income and with most of her funding going into studio time and basic survival, Alexis has been forced to take up residence in her car. Now the young artist is forced with weighing out the options and deciding if her dreams are worth the sacrifice and lies.
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Meet Delenia Adams
After the end of her first marriage, the 30 year old mother of two poured her soul into motherhood and her pursuit of a pro wrestling career. Now she's unexpectedly fallen in love with a man who wants to step up into the role of husband to her and father to her sons, there's just one "problem"...
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Age Ain't Nothing But A Number
Delenia Adams and her fellow wrestler and 23 year-old groom-to-be Matthew King have a seven year age difference between them. With the wedding a few weeks away, Delenia still has reservations about the upcoming nuptials. Is she being realistic or jaded? And will people close to them cause the couple drama at the ceremony? Only time will tell!
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