These YouTubers Share a Powerful Message About the Power of Makeup

My Current Situation | Shanis Navas | 08/03/2016 | 06:00 AM EDT

(Photo from left: Shalom Blac via Instagram, Raye Boyce via Instagram, Elexus Ford Harris via Instagram)

Three beauty vloggers shed light on the importance of self-love.

 Makeup - with it's magic to remove dark circles, extend our lashes and gloss up our lips - why would we ever give it up?


But recently, Alicia Keys wrote a whole essay on why she decided to quit makeup all together. A bold move, some would say, because under the media's ever increasing need for that "flawless look", some women have become slaves to the face they create and sculpt everyday.


So what say the makeup gurus of the web? These three beauty vloggers - Shalom Blac, Raye Boyce and Elexus Ford Harris - begin their "cover up" videos with a powerful message, one that would greatly benefit My Current Situation's Rachael "RoRo" Johnson on her road to self-acceptance.


Watch the Youtube videos below:


Before taking on 'The Power of Makeup' challenge, Shalom Blac begins by saying:

"You should love yourself either way, makeup or no makeup. You should be able to love yourself. I remember when I was middle school, because of my scars, I used to wear makeup...just to try to conceal my scars, but even with that much makeup, I still was unhappy. So makeup should not make you happy, you know? It's something that you should just love doing, and at the time I thought it was going to work, but it did not work... As of right now, I love myself for who I I really don't care if anyone has something negative to say about that."


Raye Boyce begins her tutorial by reminding viewers that no one is perfect and that's okay!

"Yes I have acne. I know a lot of you guys, when you see my videos are like 'No, your skin looks fine!' Honey boo boo, child, that is called 'lighting'... Don't ever, ever, ever get down on yourself when you're on Instagram and Youtube and you see people with perfect skin and no pores and no dark circles. It is all a load of bull, okay? It's filters, good lighting...good makeup, obviously! We're all human."


And lastly, Elexus reminds her younger "penguins" that imperfections don't define their beauty!

"If you have acne and you're self-conscious about it, you know, don't feel self-conscious about it. You don't need makeup. Honestly, a lot of people say I look better without it, but it's my choice to wear makeup because it makes me feel better on the inside. So if you are a teenager watching this, please don't think I'm telling you that you have to cover up your acne because you're ugly. That is not the case. You are beautiful inside and out no matter what your face looks like or no matter what anyone tells you.

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