3 Reasons Why Younger Men Love Older Women

My Current Situation | Shanis Navas | 08/03/2016 | 03:20 PM EDT

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Discover the reasons why your beau is loving that you're older than him.

There's nothing new about the older woman, younger man relationship dynamic, but for a long time society has engrained a very rigid picture of what romantic interactions should look like. In heterosexual relationships, women are constantly bombarded with the idea that Mr. Right needs to be taller, more financially independent and most importantly older than you.


Luckily, times are changing and we're seeing healthy, loving relationships between older women and younger men being positively spotlighted more and more everyday - from Gabrielle Union and Dwyan Wade to Tina Turner and Erwin Bach.


But are you still hesitant about deeping your toe in that dating pool? Aren't sure why it is a younger man would love an older woman? We're here to give you 3 reasons why!


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1. You're Not a B*tch, You're Confident.

Many people confuse the two, because remove the sugar coating off your opinions, unapologetically express your beliefs and unwaveringly lay down your boundaries and many people will write you off as being crass, rude, or a "b*tch".

So often, however, men (especially young men) respect and admire when a woman can confidently ask for and plainly express her wants and needs. No beating around the bush, no fluff, just facts.


2.  You're Experienced

In one way or another, you've experienced a lot more of life than he has - whether through relationships (platonic or romantic), by way of traveling, work or just through the plain ol' daily grind. He's not "an old dog set in his ways", so he'll be more open and accepting to letting you take the lead and listening to and learning about your tips and tricks on mastering life.


And lastly...

3. You're A Master of Communications

Every successful relationship requires good communication and hopefully, by now, you've had your fair share of trial and error with different communication styles in all kinds of relationships.

You're not looking to play petty games, so when issues arise, you take the lead on addressing issues in a progressive and productive way.

Not only will there be less drama, but hopefully, your young beau isn't jaded by past relationships and this only further helps him to feel safe enough to express his emotions in a healthy way.


Have you ever dated a younger man? How did your relationship turn out?

Let us know in the comments below!

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