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There are just a few minutes left until the wedding ceremony begins and Matthew’s become a bundle of nerves. Will the big day go off without a hitch?

Realizing that the situation with her friend Vanessa might not be all that it seemed, Alexis decides to confront her and break ties once and for all.

With the support of her sister Tara, her mother and her boyfriend Barry, Rachael feels ready to tackle her first procedure.

Will Alexis pull off her showcase? Will Matt and Delenia’s big day go off without a hitch? And will RoRo go through with the facial procedure? Find out on the season finale Saturday, September 24 at 10P|9C!

During one of her sessions with Spirit, Rachael is introduced to a woman who suffered similar skin conditions and self-esteem issues but was able to overcome them.

“Money talks and bulls**t walks…” The singer-songwriter meets with someone about a possible deal, but when things don’t add up in her favor, she becomes skeptical of the proposition.