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Meet The Cast

These ladies are ready to tell all in the new docu-series.

Talking To Your Man

“Sometimes we have to listen with our eyes…”


Taking the First Step

With the support of family, Rachael feels ready.

You Gotta Go!

Alexis confronts her friend Vanessa to cut ties.

It’s Game Time!

Will Delenia and Matthew’s big day go smoothly?

The Final Stretch

Alexis, Delenia and RoRo wrap up season 1.


Matthew has a heart-to-heart conversation with his father.

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The Power of Makeup

These YouTubers share a powerful message of self love.

Older Woman Appeal

3 reasons why men enjoy dating a more "seasoned" woman.

She's Older? So What!

9 Celebrity Women Who Have Dated Younger Men!


Centric's new reality show spotlights everyday struggles.


about the show

Centric's docu-series follows the lives of three real women who struggle to keep up appearances as they navigate through the hardships of their current situations.