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The Ladies Return!

The Ladies Are Back!
Last season, Sara Stokes, Christine Beatty, Chrystale Wilson, Kim Smedley and Stacii Jae Johnson sat down and opened up about their "rock bottom" experiences and the struggles of getting back on their feet. This season, the ladies continue to tackle the uphill battle for success while focusing on moving forward in life, love and family.
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Christine Beatty Makes a Big Move
After the affair scandal with Detroit Mayor Kilpatrick in 2009, Christine Beatty has been attempting to reclaim her image. As the host of her own radio show on Detroit's 910AM Radio Superstation and participation in the 490 Project, she's headed the right way. But now she's moving to Atlanta with two teenage daugthters...and her mother.
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Stacii Jae Johnson Weighs Out Her Options
After the release of her book Date, Girl: 143 Reasons Why I Believe Women Should Date Multiple Men, Stacii Jae Johnson continues to inspire single women through her mantra "Living, Loving, Laughing, Learn ME!". This season she's battling some health concerns and even considering plastic surgery. Will she dive in and make a permanent change?
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Chrystale Wilson's Got A New Flame!
Actress Chrystale Wilson's jumping back into the entertainment scene - shooting a pilot and a movie. As is her nature, she invites a fellow actress Maia Campbell to the group in hopes of helping her restore some balance in her life. This season, Chrystale Wilson finds herself open to love with a new flame, 16 years her junior. You go girl!
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Sara Stokes Moves Beyond Music
Now with the full support of her family, Sara Stokes finds herself ready to tackle her demons and returns to Atlanta to do just that! Through therapy she hopes to make amends with her painful past to better her personal relationships while pushing on with new business opportunities with Playboy radio and her own cosmetics line!
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Kim Smedley Focuses On Love and Family
With her spa business booming, Kim Smedley has a chance to focus on her personal life, which desparately needs her attention. The disappearance of her son becomes her main focus as well as her failing lovelife which pushes her to pursue the help of a matchmaker in hopes of changing her fortune in the dating game.
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Chanita Foster Is Making A Name For Herself...
Wife of NFL Superstar George Foster, Chanita Foster joins the cast this season. She's a mother and an entrepreneur with a mission to help others. Her The Beyond The Game Foundation donates supplies to more than 300 young women in Africa. Chanita is also working on a book she hopes will help women who suffer from depression like she does.
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Go Big or Go Home

Chanita loses her cool over mishaps at the venue.

The Sad Truth

Sara learns the heartbreaking news about her father.

No Shade, Just Facts

Stacii Jae doesn’t like how Chanita is handling event promo.

Where Is Maia?

Chrystale reaches out to someone who might know.

Pink Poles

Sara invites the ladies to a seductive dance class.

Judgement-Free Zone

Chanita and Sara have a heart-to-heart talk.

Agree to Disagree

Chrystale and Kim discuss the “Chanita situation.”

Buyers and Sellers

A fundraiser talk over breakfast goes sour.

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