From The Bottom Up, Sara Stokes, Stacii Jae Johnson, Christine Beatty, Chrystale Wilson, Kim Smedly
Sara Stokes, From The Bottom Up
Chrstine Beatty, From The Bottom Up
Stacii Jae Johnson, From The Bottom Up
Kim Smedley, From the Bottom Up
Chrystale Wilson, From the Bottom Up

Meet the Ladies

There's Only One Way To Go From Here...
Meet Stacii Jae Johnson, Sara Stokes, Kim Smedley, Christine Beatty and Chrystale Wilson, the 5 Black women who've hit rock bottom and are ready to show the world exactly how get back on top!
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Sara Stokes
Fans of the show remember signer Sara Stokes from Making the Band 2. She's, unfortunately, had a long history of domestic violence disputes with her husband Tony, one of which landed her in jail for a few months. Now, Sara finds herself at a crossroads, should she continue to fight to keep her family together or go through with the divorce and pursue her career?
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Christine Beatty
From 2002 to 2008, Christine Beatty was the Chief of Staff to Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, but an affair with the mayor brought Chrstine's promising political career to a halt. She was forced to resign and was found guilty on two felony charges. Now, Chrstine hopes to move on from her scandalous past and become a prominent political figure.
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Stacii Jae Johnson
Actress, author and radio show host Stacii Jae Johnson had a promising career in Atlanta working at the Mayor's office, but an arrest for DUI caused a great scandal that forced her to resign. Now, Stacii's looking to become the successful public figure she once.
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Kimberly Smedley
Quick and easy usually spells dirty, and that was the case with Kimberly Smedley, who was convicted and served time in federal prison for adminstering illegal silicone butt injections. Now, Kimberly's hoping to move on from her past mistakes and find success, again.
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Chrystale Wilson
Actress Chrystale Wilson is best known for her role in The Players Club, and her trouble with the law over the years. Now, Chrystale's looking to remove that drama from her life and focus on her career.
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Go Big or Go Home

Chanita loses her cool over mishaps at the venue.

No Shade, Just Facts

Stacii Jae doesn’t like how Chanita is handling event promo.

The Sad Truth

Sara learns the heartbreaking news about her father.

Where Is Maia?

Chrystale reaches out to someone who might know.

Judgement-Free Zone

Chanita and Sara have a heart-to-heart talk.

Pink Poles

Sara invites the ladies to a seductive dance class.

Agree to Disagree

Chrystale and Kim discuss the “Chanita situation.”

Buyers and Sellers

A fundraiser talk over breakfast goes sour.

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