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21 Curvy Fashionistas To Follow on IG!

In the digital age, curvy women are no longer waiting for traditional media to give them a voice. Instead, they've used social media to carve out a space for themselves in the world of fashion!

And these curvy fashionistas are helping to lead the curvaceous revolution!

(Photos from left: Christine Michelle Photography, Andrea Foster Photography, Edgar Wang)

Curves on a Budget
Affordable plus size fashion blogger Nicole Simone reminds us that dressing up our curves doesn't have to break the bank, although she assures us that, there's no shame in the ocassional splurge.
For more of her budget-friendly style posts, follow her on IG @curvesonabudget13
(Photo: Nicole Simone , Travis Dandoy via Instagram)
A Model of Confidence
Briana Nichols is a plus size model and describes herself as a confident optimist, and that she is, because while our thick thighs can often be a source of discomfort about our curvy image, Briana leads by example and proudly embraces hers!
For more curvy melanin on fleek, follow her on IG @glamourpussbri (Photo: Merciful photography via Instagram)
Big Woman, Big Love
Model, stylist and star of Lifetime's Big Women: Big Love Sabrina Servance promotes body positivity through her personal fashion posts and enjoys any excuse to dress up (even a renassaince fair) or incorporate her nerdy interests (Batman onsie, anyone?) For more fashionable blerd posts, follow her on IG @sabrinastyled
(Photo: Sabrina Servance via Instagram)
Big Girl Swag
Plus size fashion guru Ali R's photos are mesmerizing, to say the least, and an inspiring reminder that a girl's greatest statement piece is her smile. Her uniquely colorful style and playful poses make her a curvy fashionista to watch!
For more #BlackGirlMagic, follow her on IG @alibabaaam
(Photo: Ali R via Instagram)
Size Sexy
Fashion blogger Annika Reid proudly supports and highlights clothing brands that encourage women to embrace their unique style no matter what the size!
For more grown woman sexy, fashion and lifestyle posts, follow her on IG @thestylishreid.
(Photo: Robert Skuja Photography, Annika Reid via Instagram)
Plus size stylist and self-admitted, closet therapist, Pepper M. Martin is here to break all those 'curvy girl fashion rules' while giving fellow fashionistas a peek into her trendsetting lifestyle!
For more on looks from this trendy rebel, follow her on IG @prettypluspep.
(Photo: Pepper M. Martin via Instagram)
Grey Hair, Don't Care!
Beauty and lifestyle writer Ty Alexander celebrates her natural beauty, from her curves to her natural grey hair, by putting them front and center. We hope "bold" moves like this one become the "norm" one day. For more Gorgeous In Grey, follow her on IG @gorgeousingrey. (Photo: Ty Alexander via Instagram)

Jetsetting Curves
Beware, because beauty and fashion blogger Chanté's instagram is sure to give any jetsetter, travel withdrawals. From bathsuit modeling on the warm sand to effortlessly chic travel outfits, she's got you covered. For more of of everything curvy and chic, follow her on IG @everythingcurvyandchic.
(Photo: Christine Michelle Photography)
Building A Curve-Lovin' Empire
OG fashion blogger Gabi Fresh is a big name in the world of plus size fashion. From her swimwear collection with SwimSuitsForAll to her "no rules" fashion style posts, Gabi's been a very active and positive voice in the community. For more form the "Queen of the Bikini", follow her on IG @gabifresh
(Photo: Gabi Fresh via Instagram)
The Garner Style
Fashion blogger Chastity Garner Valentine is also the co-creator of The Curvy Con, a convention that brings together curvy stylists, bloggers, fashionistas and enthusiasts to talk about the future of 'curvy style'. Follow more curvy bawse woman posts, follow her on IG @garnerstyle.
(Photo: Chastity Garner Valentine via Instagram)
Circa 88
Curvy blogger and model Triena Deniese runs a lifestyle blog that caters to plus size women. Using this platform, she uplifts other curvy women to celebrate their fashion and live a more fulfilled and curvaceous lifestyle. For more stylish looks and lifestyle tips from this southern belle, follow her on IG @trienadeniese
Confident and Curvy
Body positive blogger Hayet Rida spreads her message of acceptance throug her fashion forward, self-loving posts. Her blog has also created some great dialogue about the curvy lifestyle, including "the challenges of dating as a plus size woman."
For more beautiful and inspiring posts, follow her on IG @hayet.rida (Photo: Hayet Rida, Edgar Wang)
Essie Golden is a personal style blogger and plus size model who aims to share her love of fashion while promoting body positivity. She even co-founded the #GoldenConfidence hashtag where curvy women can continue the conversation of self-love. For more of fashion's Golden diva, follow her on IG @essiegolden
(Photo: Kelly Augustine)
Fab Four Fashion
Gail, Leslie, Nancy and Judy are four fashion bloggers from Toronto who represent a wide range of styles and sizes. What's great about these ladies, is that each of them embraces their natural beauty and shows others how to deal with beauty standards. For more inclusive style tips, follow these four fabulous women on IG at @FabFourFashion
(Photo: Fab Four Fashion via Instagram)
'Cause She Slay
Plus size model Vanessa Mays' gives fellow fashionistas a look into the life of a real bawse woman. She's a mother and wife who still mananges to grind and spend some quality time with her closest friends. Now, that's true success. For a closer look at this #bawselady lifestyle, follow her on IG @vnessada1nonlii
(Photo: LaTanya Castillo / LaTeeSee Photography)

In Pursuit of Majesty
Fashion writer Mo Handahu calls herself "The Lion Hunter" who is in pursuit of the majestic. Together with her brother Ten they run a fashion blog that offers their unique his + hers perspectives on style, encourgaing others to do the same.
Witness more of her majesty first hand and follow her on IG @misslionhunter
(Photo: Miss Lion Hunter via Instagram)
Stylish Curves
Stylish Curves Editor-In-Chief Alissa Wilson started her blogging journey as a resource to plus size women who couldn't find the latest trends in their size and her Instagram provides the same service, just in the social media space. Watch Alissa model some of the latest trends and find out where to get them - follow her on IG @stylishcurves.
(Photo: Alissa Wilson via Instagram)
Corner Rich
Fashion blogger Shaina aims to "style lives by creating brave spaces," meaning she's living life unfiltered. Leading by example, Shaina creates an open and honest conversation with women (and men) about sex, style and more! Join the #outofthecorner conversation and follow her on IG @outofthecorner.
(Photo: Shaina via Instagram)
A Certain Something
Blogger, plus size style expert and PR girl Jeniese Hosey uses her social media platform as a way to express her colorful fashion style while uplifting fellow curvy women. Her mix of dressy and casual make for interesting outfits and serve as great inspiration! Get inspired and follow her on IG @jenesaisquoithe (Photo: Jeniese Hosey via Instagram)
Precious Curves
Model Precious Lee's instagram is stunning photographic evidence that not all plus size women are unhappy with their bodies. Her carefree Black girl attitude adds to her natural beauty and reminds us all that being happy as who we are is what really counts. Follow her on IG @preciouslessxoxo (Photo: Precious Lee via Instagram)

Fashion On a Curve
Blogger Valerie Eguavoen gives us a peek into her fashionable lifestyle and takes us on a journey in hopes of showing people that curves don't impose limits on how much enjoy you can get out of life, they add to it.
Get updates of Valerie's adventures and follow her on IG @fashiononacurve. (Photo: Valerie Eguavoen via Instagram)


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