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Culturelist Show: Behind The Scenes Ep.109

Marcus Canty
The ever-smiling Marcus Canty gives his pearly whites the day off in this intense behind-the-scene shot.
Marcus Canty
R&B crooner Marcus Canty gets up close and personal.
Marcus Canty
A double dose of dapper style. We aint' mad!
Jasmine Sanders
Yes! Jasmin Sanders steams it up in yet another solo shot.


All Hands on Deck

Dr. Jones asks the staff to look for his wedding band.

Sister, Sister

Sandra and Mary go in to get the same facelift procedure.

A Girls Night In

Cathleen invites the ladies over for some quality time.

Man In The Mirror

Harold’s new lifestyle deserves an improved look.

Dr. Jones Drops The Ball

Can he successfully pull off the keloid video project?

Plastic Surgery For Men

These are the two most popular procedures among males.

A New Me

Pamela gives Dr. Jones her “laundry list” of changes.

The Top Contender

The Joneses reveal the top-voted booty model winner!

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