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Culturelist Show: Behind The Scenes Ep.105

Chrissy Lampkin and Jasmine Sanders
Chrissy & Mr.Jones star Chrissy Lampkin and special correspondent Jasmine Sanders strut through NYC's Lower East Side, on their way to "Valley Nails, Skin, Wax" salon. (Photography by Romer Pedron)
Jasmine Sanders And Chrissy Lampkin
Before decorating their digits, the brown-skinned beauties pose for a quick camera click.
Jasmine Sanders and Chrissy Lampkin
The ladies flash their killer smiles from inside "Valley Nails, Skin and Wax" salon.
Chrissy Lampkin
Chrissy Lampkin considers her color choices - decisions, decisions.
Jasmine Sanders and Chrissy Lampkin
Sanders gives her undivided attention to Chrissy. This girl-talk session looks intense!
Jasmine Sanders and Chrissy Lampkin
"Wait, what?!" Our girl Jasmine Sanders is intent on getting all the details.
Chrissy Lampkin
Lampkin's pink tips set off her huge, blinged-out engagement ring pretty nicely, don't they?
Jasmine Sanders
Jasmine details her freshly painted nail bed with sparkling gold accents.
Jasmine Sanders and Chrissy Lampkin
Flashing her pearly whites, Chrissy sits back to admire the finished product.
Jasmine Sanders and Chrissy Lampkin
The divas compare their polished pointers.
Jasmine Sanders and Chrissy Lampkin
As they say, all good things must come to an end. Lampkin and Sanders wrap up their spa date with a warm embrace.


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