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Centric Comedy All-Stars 2012

Centric Comedy All Stars 2012
Comedians Anthony Anderson, Sherri Shepherd, Earthquake and more take over Las Vegas for a two-hour comedy special honoring iconic funny-man George Wallace.
Bill Bellamy
With 28 years in comedy and acting, it's only right that Bellamy takes the stage as a host to the night's festivities.
Bill Bellamy and George Wallace
Bellamy introduces the the honoree of the evening's jamboree, George Wallace. Over 30-years in comedy and still going strong!
George Wallace
Natural humor and a friendly demeanor, Wallace's dreams of being a comedian have paid off in more ways than one. In accepting his award, he shares a speech about his journey.
Bill Bellamy
Before introducing the rest of the nights roster, Bellamy cracks a few more jokes to prep the crowd for even greater laughs.
Sherri Shepherd
Sherri Shepherd is more than just a woman of comedy. She's one of the leading hosts on morning talk-show The View and stared in 2012's Hollywood hit, Think Like a Man .
Jeff Tarpley and Sherri Shepherd
Drama aside, comedian Jeff Tarpley and Sherri Shepherd get together for a quick embrace.
DJ Rashida
DJ Rashida keeps the crowd on their toes with some of the latest and greatest hits.
George Willborn and Anthony Anderson
Willborn and Anderson share a kodak moment before they both take center stage to entertain the crowd.
George Willborn
George Willborn has been a hit amongst many crowds, but did you he also co-hosts Baisden After Dark ?
With the night full of so many veteran names, Earthquake - a regular on BET's Comedy Central - knocks the crowd dead.
Gary Owen
With his own honors form EBONY Magazine as "Black America's Favorite White Comic," Gary Owens returns the favor to one of comedy's greatest entertainers.
Lil' Rel
A face that you may recognize from the hit show "In Living Color," Lil' Rel gets on stage to create a moment in the nights events.
Gary Owen and Paxton Baker
Gary Owen and the EVP of Centric, Paxton Baker, share smiles backstage at the All-Star Comedy show.
Cedric The Entertainer, George Willborn and Anthony Anderson
Three of comedy's top tier names shine bright at our All-Star Comedy show. Plenty of laughs to go around for everyone!
Tony Rock
Rock, host of Centric's Apollo Live! revival, brings the house down with his unique sense of humor.
Gary 'G. Thang' Johnson
Starring in sitcoms such as Girlfriends , Half & Half and The Game , G. Thang brings his unique energy to the stage for some hearty laughs.
George Daniels, Anthony Anderson and Paxton Baker
George Daniels, Anthony Anderson and Paxton Baker take a photo worthy of framing. Amazing power shared between even greater individuals.
George Wallace
The man of the evening, pays the night forward by taking the stage and leaving the crowd in stitches.
Bill Bellamy
Bellamy takes the stage one last time to close out an iconic evening for more than just comedy. A big thank you to him and the outstanding roster of the evening's performers!


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