Black To Life Videos

Watchu’ Talking ‘Bout...

‘Black to Life’ asks White folks about Black TV.

Black Music 2.0

Do “wypipo” in Vegas know about black music?

Name That Black ‘Do!

Do the melanin-challenged folks of Sin City know Black hair?

White People on Soul

‘Black 2 Life’ asks 2016 Soul Train Awards related trivia.

Black Thanksgiving

‘Black To Life’ asks ‘bout greens, beans, potatoes…



Black Women Kick Ass And Make History At Rio Olympics

Say What Now?!

Whoopi Says Black Women With Blonde Hair Is Appropriation

Bitch, Better Have My $$$

Activist Demands Reparations for All 'Fat, Black' Women

'I'm Not Racist...'

'White People Meet' founder says he's dated a Black woman

Hair Discrimination

Black hair airport pat-downs

Education News

Will Free Community College Impact Gender, Education Gap?


14 Black Women Who've Made History In TV And Film

Call Them Out!

Poets call out Black men

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Host Giselle Gant finds out just how much people really know about all things Black in this woman-on-street style quiz show.