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"Sometimes you gotta lose to win." Don't Miss Chante Moore on an all-new episode of “BEING.”

Chante Moore reveals what it's like to achieve your dreams despite what others may think of you.

“A lot of young people started listening to gospel music because of the sound of Bebe and Cece…” Cece Winans reveals how her unique gospel style allowed her to answer God’s higher calling.

“We became friends with a lot of incredible artists…” Cece Winans opens up about how the musical style of Bebe and Cece opened them up to relationships in the music industry that they never thought they’d have.

“People think that because I’m a woman of God I don’t experience sorrow…” Cece Winans describes how God guided her through some of the most difficult times in her life.

“My mom is a boss...I grew up wanting to be exactly like her.” Trina shares the biggest misconception about her and how her upbringing shaped her as an artist.