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Marsha’s introduction into the music industry began in 2003 with the Grammy nominated group Floetry. After a terrible break up, the Songstress went on to pursue a solo career and has been noted as one of the greatest songwriters of the 20th century. From penning hit songs for Michael Jackson to addressing sexuality rumors, BEING: Marsha Ambrosious uncovers it all!

"Being a Black woman... I've been empowered by that." Marsha Ambrosius opens up about her personal experiences as a Black woman and how she's challenged the stereotype.

Marsha Ambrosius and Natalie Stewart share the story of how their R&B duo, Floetry, was born on stage.

Singer-songwriter Marsha Ambrosius sheds light on the woman behind the music — where she's come from, who she is and where she's going next.

BEING Loni Love is a story of determination and hard work. On this episode, we learn how Loni went from BEING an engineer to a successful stand up comedian, talk show host and author. She sacrificed family and money to follow her dreams.

From comedienne to author, Loni Love explains what inspired her to write a book on love.