The Perfect K. Michelle Song For These 8 Relationship Situations

Being | Shanis Navas | 05/26/2015 | 12:16 PM EDT

Whatever your love situation, K. Michelle's Got a Song for It.

Multitalented R&B artist K. Michelle knows a thing or two about complicated matters of the heart, so the next time you're going through it, let your girlfriend K. Michelle do all the talking.


1. For the 'We're Perfect for Each Other, but Can't Keep it Together' Relationship
Everybody (including your mama) knows you and your on-and-off honey belong together, but every other week, you swear it's the last time you're breaking up with them, only to find yourself cuddled up next to them a few days later.

Your friends might, but K. Michelle won't judge. Sing all about it with "V.S.O.P."

2. For the 'Enough is Enough!" Relationship Situation
The heart's a lot harder to break than we imagine, but everyone's got a breaking point. There just comes a time when you find yourself asking "How long can I keep doing this?"

Breaking things off might seem like the obviously answer, but it's always easier said then done. So if you find yourself stuck in this heartaching limbo, take a listen to K. Michelle's "How Many Times" and just know that you're not alone in the struggle!

3. For the 'I'm Dating a Grown A** Boy' Relationship
A good relationship should always leave room for growth and stimulate personal improvement, but you shouldn't find yourself taking on the parental role in your partnership. It's never cute taking on the responsibility of teaching a man (or woman) what being a grown up entails.

So ladies, if you find yourself dating a Jody say no more. K. Michelle's "Can't Raise A Man" has got this foolishness eloquently penned.

4. For the 'I Can't Live Without Him' Relationship Situation
Not all breakups leave us feeling like keying our ex's car. Sometimes it's a mutual decision or a situationally motivated move, but that doesn't remedy the heartache and pain and your longing to go back to the good old days.

When the weight of all those amazing memories is too much to bare, put on K. Michelle's "Fallin'" and let yourself have a good cry (with a side glass of wine).

5. For the "I'm Just Looking For a Good Time" Relationship Situation
There's a lot of controversy surrounding the topic of casually sexual relationships, but we all get a little lonely from time to time during our singledom and there's no shame in looking for a responsible good time with someone else, no strings attached.

When society's skewed standards have got you questioning your own, throw on K. Michelle's "I Just Wanna" and know you're not the only one who understands that sex doesn't always equal love.

6. For the 'I Think I'm Done Being Single" Relationship Situation
Between the unspeakable trauma of past breakups and the drama of horrible first dates, it's easy to believe that life is better off when you're 'single,' but the single life style isn't for everyone.

The PDA couple in the park or your best friend's wedding might just reignite your love flame and remindyou that despite all the bullsh*t, love actually isn't all that bad. K. Michelle's "When I Get a Man" is a great reminder that it when you find the right person, love can be a beautiful thing.

7. For the 'Sucker For Love' Relationship Situation
The world is full of wonderful people and sometimes you're just not ready to settle down with one person, or maybe you just have too much love for one person to handle.

Some people might call you a 'heartbreaker' and judge your serial monogomy, but all is fair in love, right? If they still don't get it, don't fret, just throw on K. Michelle's "Love 'Em All" and dance and sing your heart out!

8. For the 'I'm Second Fiddle to the Baby and the Mama Drama' Relationship Situation
Everything about the love of your life is perfect, except one thing... their baggage. Their need to divide their attention and dedicate themselves to other parts of their life can leave you feeling like you're partaking in a one-sided love affair. Their baby Mama/Daddy situation might even get in the way of your relationship, so what are you to do?

K. Michelle's "Maybe I Should Call" addresses the struggle of speaking out and opening up about your feelings, even in a sticky situation, but I mean, closed mouths don't get fed, right? Like in any good relationship, communication is key!

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