The 5 Things Erica Campbell's Solo Move Taught Us

Being | Shanis Navas | 06/05/2015 | 10:17 AM EDT

'Flying solo' isn't as bad (or as scary) as it sounds. Take it from Erica!

It can be both exciting and scary to break away to step into the unknown, even if it's a wholehearted decision in the pursuit of happiness, but that's how some of the greatest solo careers of all time began. Last year, MaryMary's Erica Campbell dropped her first LP as a solo artist and here's what it taught us:

1. It’s Okay to Want to Do You
Erica Campbell and her younger sister Tina Campbell have been a part of their contemporary gospel duo, Mary Mary, for more than 15 years, so it was no easy decision for Erica to decide to pursue a solo career, but after her debut single "A Little More Jesus" became a successful Gospel hit, she realized that going off on her own might actually be a good thing.


2. Going Solo Doesn’t Mean Being Solo
Erica Campbell took time off from being half of MaryMary to pursue her solo career and had the loving support of her husband, kids and most importantly, her sister Tina.


3. There’s Never a ‘Right Time’
Erica's sister, Tina was going through martial problems at the time Erica decided to go solo, but if Erica had put her plans on hold, the release of her album might not have gone as successfully as it did or perhaps another problem might have kept her from taking the first step of her solo career. The lesson? The “right time” is now.


4. Time of Self [Re] Discovery
Erica Campbell admits that her musical expression wasn’t hindered by Tina, but that as a solo artist she is able to more freely express a side of herself she hasn't been inspired to before.

5. The Ripple Effect
Erica Campbell has reported that in the new season of WeTV's MaryMary, Tina will explore the option of pursuing her own solo career that was no doubt inspired by Erica's solo success.

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