9 Tyrese Songs the Fandom Knows By Heart

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Can you fill in the blanks?

Since the late 90's, starting with the drop of his self-titled debut album Tyrese, R&B singer-songwriter Tyrese Gibson has been inspiring us to get down and sexy with our bad selves. He's been the sultry voice behind some of your favorite R&B jams, but just how well do you know these timeless classics?



Put your fandom to the test below and fill in the blanks...



1. "Sweet Lady"


"Sweet lady, would you be my sweet love for a lifetime?
I'll be there when you need me just _____ and receive me."



2.  "What Am I Gonna Do?"


"I was excited, cause I was falling, falling in love with you.
Now that I've ______, what am I gonna do."


3. "Signs Of Love Makin'"


"These are the signs of love makin'
Are you that ____ _____ I've been lookin' for
Girl, you're sending me
Signs of love makin'
And you make me say, Oooh"



4. "Lately"


"Lately, have I told you I love you
lately, have I told you you still mean the world to me
lately, have I told you I love you
I'll be your _______ ____
tell me what you want baby ."


5. "How You Gonna Act Like That?"


"How you gonna act like we don't be makin' love
You know we be tearin' it up, _____ _____, that ghetto love
How you gonna trip, how could you forget
How you gonna act like that?"


6. "Nobody Else"


"I don't want nobody else but you 
cause no one _____ ___ _____
the way that you do."


7. "I Like Them Girls"


"I like them girls between the sheets
I like them girls _____ up like me
I like them girls in the fly Gucci
Rollin' deep in the "6" Cartier on the Wrist
I like em' thick
Small waist with the big 'ol hips
I like them girls in the top Bentley
That's the kind of girl I need"




8. "Stay"


"I go the extra mile to make you smile and
just to make your day
I'll go out my way, I'll do ________ __ _____
baby promise you'll stay,
stay baby, would you just
stay, baby
stay, with me stay, stay,
baby won't you stay?
with me?"


9. "Pullin' Me Back" Chingy feat. Tyrese


"Every time I try to leave
Something keeps pulling me back, me back
Telling me I need you in my life
Every time I try to go
Something keeps telling me that, me that
Everything's gonna be alright
Every time I try to leave
Something keeps pulling me back, me back
Telling me I need you in my life
It was meant to be
You were meant for me
So that means we _____ ____ __ ____"






  1.  call
  2.  fallen
  3.  zodiac freak
  4.  wishing well
  5.  breakin' stuff
  6.  makes me feel
  7.  iced
  8.  whatever it takes
  9.  gotta make it work




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