9 Great Iyanla Vanzant Quotes to Keep You Inspired

Being | Shanis Navas | 07/01/2015 | 01:39 PM EDT

No matter where you find yourself in life, Iyanla Vanzant's got the perfect words to help keep you moving towards greatness.

Spirtual leader, inspirational speaker, lawyer, TV personality and life coach Iyanla Vanzant is the author of countless books that tackle the issues of forgiveness, self discovery, spiritual healing and more to help others empower themselves.  She frequestly guest stars on Oprah's Lifeclass and hosts a reality series Iyanla, Fix My Life where she dishes out life and relationship advise to those in desperate need.


While we might not be in 'desperate need,' we could all use a few words of encouragement and inspiration to get us through the day.


Here are 9 Iyanla Vanzant quotes that'll do just that!



Start your day off with this one...


“Today I am devoted to addressing all the little things about me and in my life that I have not mastered!”



Remember, your looks don't define who you are.


“I have a body, 
but I am not my body.
I have a face, 
but I am not my face.”


 Believe that you are destined for greatness.


“Everything that happens to you is a reflection of what you believe about yourself. We cannot outperform our level of self-esteem. We cannot draw to ourselves more than we think we are worth.”


You don't have to take on the weight of the world.


“Their issues are not your issues.”


Spend more time discovering your love language.


“You don't get to tell people how to love you; you get to choose if you want to participate in the way they love.”


Let it go.


'No matter what, “I forgive everyone for everything!”'



Only you can be you.


“Comparison is an act of violence against the self.”


Your self-love is your missing piece.


“When two broken people bring their broken pieces together, chances are they will never become a whole anything.”


The pheonix is born from the ashes...


“...Realize that lives fall apart when they need to be rebuilt. Lives fall apart when the foundation upon which they were built needs to be relaid. Lives fall apart, not because God is punishing us for what we have or have not done. Lives fall apart because they need to. They need to because they weren’t built the right way in the first place.”


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