7 K. Michelle Gifs You Need In Your Life

Being | Shanis Navas | 05/27/2015 | 02:24 PM EDT

Look no further, these K. Michelle GIFs are all you need.

In the digital age, having a well loaded GIF stash is just as important as carrying a spare cellphone charger in your bag, so whether you're a newbie to the game or a seasoned GIF collector here are 7 K. Michelle GIFs that everyone needs in their arsenal:

1. This is the perfect GIF for when you text your friend "No, it's fine. I'm okay." but you mean the exact opposite.

2. Is someone trying to pull one over on you? Hit 'em with this one!

3. The look says it all, but just in case you couldn't read it 'Girl, bye.'

4. When your latest Tinder match hits you with the unexpected nude in the middle of your great conversation...

5. This one's a perfect response for that slick talker that's trying to get you out of character in public.

6. Some may call it harsh, but K. Michelle understands the power of keeping the phonies in their place.

7. You gotta trust your gut. Sometimes the snakes are just hiding in plain sight.

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