According to Him + Her: Perfect Mix - 'The Hot Pocket'

According to Him + Her | 04/07/2014 | 04:14 PM EDT

If a woman's you know what was a cocktail...This is what it would taste like

ATHH comedian Rip Micheals loves a good "Hot Pocket," unfortunately not everyone is privy to touching, eating or playing with one [insert: pause]. For you underprivileged somebodies out there, resident mixologist Sean Martin has concocted a cocktail that will wet your tongue even more. Drink up! 


½ oz of Hot Water

½ oz of Whiskey


Lemon Juice

Red Bitters

1 slice of lemon

1 ‘Red Hot’ candy

Pour a ½ oz of hot water into a glass of your choice, followed by a ½ oz of Whiskey, also of your choice. Add a splash of honey and a little bit of lemon juice to tang it up. Next, add red bitters—don’t be shy on this, it will enhance the flavor. Stir it up for about 10 seconds. Place your slice of lemon and ‘Red Hot’ candy on the rim of the glass and indulge. 

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