According to Him + Her: Perfect Mix - 'The Psychotic'

According to Him + Her | 04/28/2014 | 10:53 AM EDT

Dangerous, yet delicious – the perfect mix.

Mixed signals, breaks-ups to make-ups, mind games and the art of seduction---sometimes dating can drive you nuts! Don’t fret, According To Him + Her’s resident mixologist Fatimah Taliah has got the perfect cocktail to match your crazy. Walk the fine line with her sweet and spicy blend.


1 oz Grey Goose

½ oz Rum (of your choosing)

½ oz Tequilla (of your choosing)


Energy Drink

Hot Sauce

Lime, Lemon, Orange, Olive, Onion


Into an ice-filled pint glass, pour one part Grey Goose, ½ ounce vodka, ½ once rum and ½ ounce tequila (to keep it spicy). Add in a splash of grenadine and top off the cocktail with your choice of energy drink, making sure the mix contents reach the top lip of glass. Next, to keep things heated, add in a few dashes of hot sauce. Accent your drink with a skewer of lime, lemon, orange, olive and onion slices. Add in an optional Maraschino cherry for a dash of sweetness. 

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