According to Him + Her: Perfect Mix - 'The Dat's Cool Doe'

According to Him + Her | 04/14/2014 | 01:32 PM EDT

When a "woosah" won't work, just say, "Dat's cool doe!"

Everybody has a bad day! Sometimes we get some not-so-good news or things just don’t go our way, but comedian Billy Sorrels has some great advice—just say, “Dat’s cool doe!” ‘According to Him + Her’ resident mixologist Fatimah Taliah has a sweet creation to turn things around!


Coconut Cream (Splash)

1 oz of Pineapple Juice

½ oz of Rum (Of your choice)

Whip Cream

Maraschino Cherry


In your cocktail shaker, pour a splash of coconut cream over a small amount of ice. Next, add 1 oz of pineapple juice and a ½ oz of Rum, of your choice. Shake it, but don’t strain it, and pour all of the contents into your glass. Garnish it with whip cream and a maraschino cherry, take a sip and say “Dat’s cool doe!”

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