According to Him + Her: Perfect Mix - "The Coo-Coo"

According to Him + Her | 09/03/2014 | 04:25 PM EDT

Satisfy your sweet tooth with this sweet mix.

According to Him + Her resident mixologist Fatimah Taliah whips together a quick mix that you sip now, and enjoy later... much later. 


1oz Pucker

Splash of Triple Set

Splash of Lemon Juice

2oz Grey Goose Vodka


Into an ice-filled cocktail shakers, pour in 1oz pucker, a splash of triple set, a splash of lemon juice and 2oz of Grey Goose (or a vodka of your preference). Shake until contents are fully chilled. Strain your mix into a martini glass. For an added pop, garnish the rim of your glass with an unwrapped Now & Later candy square. Enjoy! 

Centric-Certified Cocktails To End Your Summer On A Sweet Note

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