Full Episodes

Alex and Leisa enter a weight loss competition. Alex tries to sabotage Leisa in an effort to win. Amara wears the pants in her relationship. Can Chris learn to assert himself? Jerzey sets off to NY to pursue her love of fashion. How will Alex deal with her daughter leaving the nest?

Alex requests a romantic date night straight out of a romance novel. Can Bernard pull it off? Is reality as good as the fantasy? Alex and Leisa move forward with their nail bar business by enlisting a mixologist. Jerzey tries to figure out how to start a modeling career…and if she even wants one.

Alex is stressed out as she tries to pull off the perfect birthday party for her mother and daughter. Alex uses this crossroad in life to launch a new business, a nail bar, with her best friend, Leisa. Mason creates a rap as a present for his grandmother and Amara.