Alex gets a last minute notice about the delay in their polish delivery, so she and Leisa race against the clock to pick up the polishes and be back in time for their party.

In an effort to keep the ball rolling in the direction of success, Bernard takes Mason to meet with a top music executive and get his opinion on Mason’s single, “Put It on the Set.”

Alex and Leisa set off to find bartenders for the Nail Buzz launch party, but it won't be easy.

Chris and Amara think it's time to move on and move out, but Alex and Bernard feel like they're not ready for the reality of living on their own.

"If it's too much, take it out..." Alex and Leisa try to shed a few pounds quick before their weigh-in, but it won't be easy.

Mason's gotten the chance of a lifetime — to shoot his music video professionally — but when most of his entourage cancels, he gets cold feet. Will he be able to pull off the shoot without them?