According to Alex


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Take One: Alex Martin Dean

"Starts with an ‘F’ and ends with a ‘K.’"

Take One: Leisa Rachal

"Mind your business...."

Last Call

Last Call: Episode 5

Alex and Leisa’s friendship gets put to the test!

Last Call: Episode 4

The ladies go head-to-head in a weight loss challenge.

Last Call: Episode 3

All's fair in young love and business!

Last Call: Episode 2

Will Bernard ace the romance challenge?

Last Call: Episode 1

Jazzie Belle breaks down the series premiere!


Race Against the Clock

Can Alex and Leisa get the polishes in time for the party?

On the Come Up!

Bernard takes Mason to meet with a top music executive.

A Space of Our Own

Chris and Amara think it's time to move on and move out.

A Poppin' Pink Drink

Can Alex and Leisa find a bartender for the Nail Buzz party?

Trouble on the Set

Can Mason pull off the music video without his entourage?

No Pain, No Gain

"If it's too much, take it out..."

Leisa's Workout Plan

"Gotta get it tight, keep it right."

Advice From the In-laws

Bernard and Alex have a one-on-one with Chris.


'Put It on the Set'

Watch the exclusive full-length video of Mason's single!

Take One: Leisa Rachal

"Mind your business...."

Take One: Alex Martin Dean

"Starts with an ‘F’ and ends with a ‘K.’"


7 Celebrities Who Remarried Their Ex

Love deserves a second chance.

She's a Grandma, Too?!

Cause age ain't nothing but a number!

9 Famous Mother/Daughter Duos

9 Famous Black Mother and Daughter Duos!

Nail Files

The Nuh-Uh Shades

Alex and Leisa share their polish selection rule of thumb.

Mani Check

Alex on the inspiration behind her latest manicure!

Ladies, Busted Nails are...

There's No Excuse for Untamed Nails

Gel vs. Acrylic Nails...

The Gel and Acrylic Nails Scare: Is it That Deep?

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According to Alex

According to Alex is a docu-series following Alex Martin Dean, the daughter of Whoopi Goldberg. With her children all grown up, Alex is finally ready to focus on reinventing herself personally and professionally.