Teen Reportedly Sues Instagram For $500 Million Over Photo?

News & Views | Staff | 07/03/2014 | 02:00 PM EDT

Kiesha Johnson, 16, says she's embarrassed over "Confused Girl" meme that mocked her image

Being the pun of a joke is never fun, particularly when it’s an ongoing one on social media for the world to see.

That’s exactly the case for Kiesha Johnson, 16, who’s not too happy about a photo of her that’s become such a phenomenon on Instagram that she earned the moniker “Confused Girl” - a meme that has seen her picture being shared and re-shared on the popular social app for months.


From celebrities to the average Joe, Johnson’s face can be seen used in not-so-flattering posts with captions making fun of her “confused” facial expression. The Birmingham, Alabama teen says the photograph was taken by a friend and that she has not appreciated how much the Internet has mocked her likeness and awkward pose for a few quick laughs and “likes.”

But apparently there’s a price for such ridicule. Now Johnson’s family is allegedly seeking to sue Instagram for a whopping $500 million.

“My face looked ugly like I was about to throw up.. I look nothing like that in real life…I’m really a bad b*tch!” Johnson reportedly told OdGossip.com.

Of course, it is unlikely that such a lawsuit would gain any traction in the courts, considering Instagram is a public app, where users are responsible for the content they share. Additionally, the tech company has not promoted or helped spread the photograph.

If true, do you think Johnson is entitled to sue? Sound off.

(Photo: WPMI NBC 15/Atlanta)

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