Let's Stop Shaming Moms For Not Losing Their 'Baby Weight'

News & Views | Gerren Keith Gaynor | 09/17/2015 | 03:30 PM EDT

Tamera Mowry-Housley called 'lazy' after giving birth

While watching an episode of "The Real," a friend of mine wasted no time pointing out how much weight co-host Tamera Mowry-Housley had gained since giving birth to her baby girl, Ariah, just less than three months ago.

"Tamera!" she said in astonishment. "She needs to lose that baby weight."

Coincidentally, just minutes after my friend's shaming of her slight weight gain, Tamera addressed that very topic on the show.

"Many women feel under immense pressure to regain their figure after childbirth, especially if they're in the public eye," Mowry-Housley said during a Girl Chat segment. "I've got to admit I felt pressure to bounce back to my pre-baby shape."

The "Sister, Sister" star goes on to share a story of when she hit the red carpet right after giving birth to her first child, and being met with disparaging comments.

"They said I was lazy and said things like 'it's obvious that the baby weight isn't gone,'" she recalled. 

More recently, she said, another online commenter--much like my friend--said that her baby girl had "made her fat."

Kicking Ass In The Boardroom After Giving Birth

While it goes without saying that fat shaming women, particularly recent moms, is dead to the wrong, for some reason we live in a critical society where many continue to point out "flaws" based on unrealistic and harmful beauty standards.

As pointed out by one of the ladies on "The Real," no woman's body is the same after she brings a child into the world. And rightfully so. It's a job like no other that literally (and physically) changes you.

Though the Beyonces and Ciaras of the world make post-baby weight loss look like a magic show, the reality is that no normal mom, with the responsibility of caring for a child and all that it entails, can snap back like a rubberband. It takes dedicated exercise, dieting and time most moms just don't have. And who's to say every mom wants to go back to the way her body looked pre-baby? Maybe she likes her added curves!

Thankfully, Tamera took on the criticism in stride and is embracing her baby weight like a badge of honor.

"The reality ladies is that 90 percent of women actually don't [snap back in two weeks]. It's OK to take your time losing the weight."

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