New York Woman Raped By Man She Mistook For Lyft Driver

News & Views | 10/24/2016 | 08:34 AM EDT

(Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Police are investigating the assault of a 22-year-old woman by a suspect who is still at large

New York City police are investigating the claims of a woman who says that she was raped by a man she mistook for a Lyft driver.

The New York Daily News reports that around 2:00 AM EST, a 22-year-old woman ordered a ride using the app. Shortly there after, a man in an SUV pulled up and asked her if she wanted a ride.

“I’m your driver,” he told the young woman.

Fake Uber Driver Sentenced For Abducting And Raping Woman In Car

The car did not have any decals on or in his car showing he was affiliated with Lyft, however the woman, trusting him, got in his car.

She was driven to E. 26th St. between Second and Third Aves. There he pulled her into the front seat and raped her. He let her leave the vehicle before driving off. The woman immediatelt went to the hospital and reported her attack to the authorities.

The driver remains at large.

Detectives from NYPD's special victims squad are currently investigating.

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