Teacher's Note About Child's Hair Being Too Oily Sparks Online Outrage

News & Views | 10/17/2016 | 07:54 AM EDT

...Apparently too much coconut oil in a child's hair is a classroom distraction

(Photo: Tionna Norris via Instagram)

When a parent recieves a "teacher's note" it traditionally and generally addresses their child's behavior (good or bad) and/or educational performance (good or bad). But since when did teacher's notes start addressing hair?! 

Tionna Norris recieved such note from her daughter Amia's teacher, that found the educator asking Norris to reduce the amount of coconut oil in her child's hair. 

“I understand the necessary [sic] of coconut oil on Amia’s hair, but please do not use as much. The children were complaining that her hair “stinks.” If you have to apply this daily — please do so lightly, so the kids don’t tease her. Thank you for understanding.”

The One Thing You Didn’t Know Coconut Oil Was Good For

Norris, who was outraged by the note, took to Facebook posting the letter alongside a picture of her daughter's hair, with the caption “*applies the same amount of coconut oil* y’all gone feel that black girl magic. Sincerely, unapologetically black mom. P.s. Coconut oil has no stinky smell.”


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