CPS To End Investigation Into Willow Smith Scandal Over Lack Of Evidence

News & Views | Bené Viera | 05/30/2014 | 12:49 PM EDT

Child Protective Services found no evidence that Willow Smith was emotionally or physically abused

Will and Jada Pinkett Smith are off the hook with Child Protective Services.

Earlier this month, the Los Angeles County Department of Children & Family Services opened an investigation on the Smith family after a photo went viral of 13-year-old Willow Smith lying in bed with 20-year-old actor Moises Arias.

But according to Radar Online, the case will soon close due to lack of evidence that the teenager has ever been in any danger, or that she is physically or emotionally abused.


“There has been no evidence presented that Willow has ever been in any danger around Moises, or that she has ever been physically or emotionally abused,” a source told Radar.

“It’s likely the investigation will remain open for the next two weeks out of an abundance of caution, with no findings of reprimand against Will and Jada. Willow is a very well adjusted, smart, and articulate young lady.”

Following the online backlash, Jada told TMZ, “Here’s the deal, there was nothing sexual about that picture or that situation. You guys are projecting your trash onto it. You’re acting like covert pedophiles and that’s not cool.”

(Photo: Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

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