Heisman Trophy Winner Jameis Winston Allegedly Busted For Stealing Crab Legs

News & Views | Bené Viera | 04/30/2014 | 01:15 PM EDT

The Florida State quarterback wasn't arrested, but given a citation for allegedly stealing crab legs

UPDATE: Florida State announces Jameis Winston has been suspended from baseball team as a result of citation for alleged shoplifting.


Crab legs are divine. One of seafood’s finest delicacies. So delicious that Heisman Trophy winner Jameis Winston allegedly stole them from a Florida grocery store.

SB Nation reports the sophomore Florida State quarterback was caught with stolen crab legs as he was leaving Publix grocery store. Although Winston was not arrested, he was given a misdemeanor citation and was released.

An alleged “inside source” with the Tallahassee Police department said, “He got an adult civil citation. If he completes the sanctions it will never show up on his record. They commonly give them to juveniles on first criminal offenses. They are now doing it for minor misdemeanors for adults to lower crime rate."

A source is also cited saying Winston will be fined $30, required to complete community service and will be suspended from the baseball team. He plays both baseball and football for Florida State.

Winston has never been arrested before, but was under investigation last year for an alleged rape. The State Attorney decided not to bring charges due to lack of evidence.

(Photo: Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

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