Floyd Mayweather Named Top-Paid Athlete Of 2014

News & Views | Camille Travis | 04/17/2014 | 10:45 AM EDT

The undefeated boxing champ takes the top spot over Cristiano Ronaldo, Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Kobe Bryant and others

Floyd "Money" Mayweather has once again lived up to his name as ESPN's 2014 top-paid athlete in the world, bringing in $73.5 million. The figure strictly amounts to his salary and does not include endorsements.

Interestingly enough, the total is just the guaranteed minimum for the undefeated boxer's two bouts this year, including his May 3 match against Marcos Maidana. His 2014 paycheck is $20 million more than the second highest-paid athlete, soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo at $50.2 million.

In addition to detailing the figures of athletes around the world, ESPN has also compared the salaries of those in the top professional sports-- including the MLB, NBA, NFL and NHL-- and the best-paying teams in the world.

According to ESPN, the top-paid athletes include:

1. Floyd Mayweather Jr. (WBA/WBC) - $73.5M
2. Cristiano Ronaldo (La Liga) - $50.2M
3. Lionel Messi (La Liga) - $50.1M
4. Aaron Rodgers (NFL) - $40M
5. Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Ligue 1) - $35M
6. Matthew Stafford (NFL) - $31.5M
7. Tom Brady (NFL) - $31M
8. Kobe Bryant (NBA) - $30.5M
9. Matt Ryan (NFL) - $30M
9. Joe Flacco (NFL) - $30M
11. Zack Greinke (MLB) - $28M
12. Fernando Alonso (Formula One) - $27.5M
12. Lewis Hamilton (Formula One) - $27.5M
14. Tony Romo (NFL) - $26.5M
15. Wayne Rooney (EPL) - $26M
16. Ryan Howard (MLB) - $25M
16. Calvin Johnson (NFL) - $25M
16. Cliff Lee (MLB) - $25M
16. Peyton Manning (NFL) - $25M
20. Robinson Cano (MLB) - $24M
20. Prince Fielder (MLB) - $24M
20. Wladimir Klitschko (WBA/IBF/WBO) - $24M
23. Cole Hamels (MLB) - $23.5M
24. Mark Teixeira (MLB) - $23.1M
25. Joe Mauer (MLB) - $23M
25. Albert Pujols (MLB) - $23M
25. CC Sabathia (MLB) - $23M

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