Attorney To Prosecute Shanesha Taylor For Felony Child Abuse

News & Views | Gerren Keith Gaynor | 04/17/2014 | 01:15 PM EDT

Despite a national, online movement in support of the unemployed mother, prosecution moves forward on charges

Well, this can’t be good...

Despite the massive support of homeless Arizona mother Shanesha Taylor, who was arrested for leaving her two children inside her vehicle during a job interview, a prosecutor says he will not drop charges against her.

Taylor was charged with felony child abuse, though many in Arizona and across the country have come to the 35-year-old’s defense, citing that her dire circumstances of poverty, housing insecurity and lack of access to childcare left her with no choice. Supporters also created an online petition and sent a letter to the county sheriff. However, County Sheriff Bill Montgomery and prosecution remain unmoved.

“First, they weren’t signatures [on the online petition in support of Taylor]. They were just a list of names,” Montgomery told the Arizona Republic. “So I don’t know whether any of the individuals in their pajamas who logged on to the site and put their name on there really had a clue of all the circumstances involved in this particular case.

“The ‘quote-unquote’ letter addressed to me didn’t mention any of the circumstances that presented those children with jeopardy.”

Taylor’s children, 2 years old and 6 months, were examined at a hospital the day of her arrest, but were uninjured. Taylor’s advocates have acknowledged dangers of leaving young children unattended in a hot car, but make the argument that she was left with no other choice. Instead, supporters urged state officials to consider the challenges Taylor was facing, such as cuts to social programs that aid families struggling with unemployment and homelessness. So far, those requests have been ignored.

Still, the online donation on Taylor's fundraising page continue to pour in, now surpassing $110,000.

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