Alleged Email Murder Confession Surfaces in Kendrick Johnson Case

News & Views | Gerren Keith Gaynor | 03/25/2014 | 03:30 PM EDT

Family attorney says teen found dead inside wrestling mat involved foul play

The mystery as to how 17-year-old Kendrick “KJ” Johnson was killed continues to unfold as recent news of a possible email confession has made its way into the case.

Johnson, who was a student at Lowndes High School in Georgia, was found dead while wrapped inside a gym mat last January. The autopsy originally ruled the death as accidental, however, an independent autopsy done at the request of Johnson’s family discovered the teen may have been killed at the hands of force-blunt trauma.

“The local authorities for whatever reason, we believe, are not thoroughly investigating this manner. We know how preposterous it is that their theory of him climbing into a wrestling mat, getting stuck and dying goes against common sense and logic,” attorney Ben Crump told Roland Martin. “We believe it’s much more logical to say that there’s foul play here. Now these anonymous emails substantiate that.

“Last week, we had the Justice Department’s U.S. attorney Michael Moore subpoena over 100 students to come and testify as to what they know about this case. Slowly but surely we are starting to unravel this real-life murder mystery.”

It’s believed that students, faculty and staff have not come forward with much information out of fear, with Crump saying the town has a “history of cover up” and that people are “scared for their jobs.”

As previously reported, the Johnson family’s attorney said the teen had been involved in a fight with a White student sometime prior to his death. There are suspicions that the student and brother involved and their father, who works in law enforcement, were somehow involved with the teen’s death and cover up. Additionally, when Johnson’s body was exhumed it was discovered that his organs had been removed and replaced with newspapers.

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