Darren Sharper Indicted In Arizona On Two More Rape Charges

News & Views | Bené Viera | 03/13/2014 | 10:17 AM EDT

Retired NFL player faces two more charges of sexual assault and three counts of administering dangerous drugs in Arizona

In the latest development of the ongoing sexual assault cases against Darren Sharper, the former NFL player has been indicted in Arizona on charges of sexual assault and three counts of administering dangerous drugs.

According to reports, the Tempe Police Department in Arizona said a grand jury in metro Phoenix indicted Sharper after alleged sexual assaults committed in Tempe back in November. Police have yet to release any other details about the charges.

Police reports state that two women believed they were sexually assaulted by Sharper at a Tempe apartment on Nov. 21. One of the women claims she was drugged before the attack.

The Arizona indictment is not to be confused with the rape charges in California or the ongoing investigation in New Orleans. Sharper, 38, is suspected of allegedly date-raping nine women in five different states: California, Louisiana, Nevada, Florida and now Arizona. Only authorities in Los Angeles and Arizona have filed formal charges against him while the other three states continue their investigations.

He’s currently in custody in Los Angeles where he pleaded not guilty to seven rape and drug counts in connection with two alleged assaults in Hollywood. On Feb. 20, he was released on $1 million bail until an arrest warrant was issued for a New Orleans case and he was taken back in custody on Feb. 27.

A California judge has told New Orleans prosecutors if charges were not filed by Thursday (Mar. 13) she'd have to release him from jail.

Sharper retired in 2010 and was working as an analyst for the NFL Network before being fired last week. If convicted on rape charges in California, he could face more than 30 years in prison. If convicted on the New Orleans case, he could serve a life sentence without parole.

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