Bernice King Ordered To Hand Over MLK's Bible And Nobel Peace Prize To Brothers

News & Views | Bené Viera | 02/24/2014 | 02:50 PM EST

A Georgia judge ordered Bernice King to hand over father's sacred Bible and Nobel Peace Prize

An ongoing family battle between MLK Jr.’s daugther and sons has finally reached a resolve, for now. Bernice King will have to turn over her father’s Bible and Nobel Peace Prize to her brothers.

Per TMZ, a Georgia judge ordered Bernice King to turn over the possessions to Dexter Scott King and Martin Luther King III. Both of her brothers control the King estate. The two hope to sell the Bible and Nobel Peace Prize for a hefty sum despite harsh criticisms they've received for attempting to do so.

TMZ caught up with Bernice King who said she believes those items should stay in the family.

“I don’t think those items should be sold,” she said. “They’re very sacred not just to me, but to a lot of people.”

King said these are two items that are sacred and not to be sold.

“The nobel prize of course, the way in which my father received it, he received it as a trustee. And it was a very sacred possession," she told TMZ. "Both of them represented the heart and the soul of what he did."

“So they are rare, they are precious and very sacred, and those are items I just don’t believe morally they should sell.”

When the interviewer asked if she would be ok with them going to the King Center she responded, “I would love to have them at the King Center.”

If she had her choice she said it’d stay within the family.

“I believe they properly belong where they already are--with our family. And we have an institution where they can be displayed.”

And does she think her father would approve of the items being sold?

“I don’t think he would sell those two items. At all,” she continued.

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